About Us

Shaligram is designed to provide a dream house to those who have always given priority to quality, perfection, uniqueness and excellence, since 2003.

Established in 2003,Shaligram is fulfilling the dream of people in residential. The group consisting of young, energetic and extremely committed professionals who has contributed greatly in rediscovering the scenario and skyline of Ahmadabad with successful completion of valuable and unique projects and with multiple individual units.

Over the span of years, Shaligram Group has been involved in the development of numerous residences that surpass all imagination and expectations in terms of creation and construction. We believe in maintaining complete transparency in terms of dealings and transactions with our clients and are thorough professionals when it comes to maintaining and developing healthy business relations with them. Also, our company is determined to serve our customers to the best of our abilities and so we promise to achieve new heights with every new project we undertake for them.

We genuinely mean it when we promise to build extraordinary, unprecedented residential complexes. Our qualified and experienced contractors and workers are extremely understanding towards our customer’s needs and therefore, take great efforts to devise the plans according to their needs and preferences.

At Shaligram Group, we believe in doing all our work with dedication and precision. From devising first rate construction plans and carefully laying down each and every brick, to conceiving aesthetic indoor and outdoor spaces, our residential projects are designed to give our customers a comfortable and pleasant living experience. Just for reference, you can check all the details about the various corporate buildings, villas, raw houses and residencies that we have constructed, in our ‘projects’ section.

Some of our most ambitious projects include Shaligram Greens, Garden Villas, Shaligram Lakeview, and Shaligram Coral, among others. Through many such projects, we have managed to build long lasting relationships with our clients, such that they know what kind and quality of work they can expect from us. We ensure that all the important amenities are incorporated in our projects, including the installation of the latest structural, flooring, electrification, water proofing and other similar facilities.

Shaligram Group has set new standards of professionalism with its transparent dealings, totally ethical dealings and commitment to deliver fully spruced up neat modules. Strategic location, excellent design, quality construction, clear titles as well as adequate infrastructure facilities and utilities are the hallmark of each and every project of Shaligram Group.